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Ningbo BEC Lighting Co., Ltd. Advanced to GMC•Innovation China Top 30


Key Factor for Corporate Development: Innovation

In order to help more Chinese novel products gain recognition in the world, GMC and GlobalMarket group jointly organized “GMC·Innovation China” event and invited famous designers from Italy, Spain, Holland, China to be GMC Innovation mentors to give professional opinions on product appearance design and branding. Meanwhile, 1,080,000 GMC buyers are involved in “GMC·Innovation China” vote to ensure the equality, fairness and openness of the voting results.

To maximize communication effect, GMC has developed strategic partnerships with America’s biggest financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal, China’s internet leader SOHU and China’s most circulated financial newspaper Chinese Business. The three media giants provide “GMC·Innovation China” with prompt report service and together with GMC discover and communication innovation in China.

It’s obvious that Innovation is important to manufacturing industry. When demographic dividend and foreign trade surplus are disappearing, innovation becomes the last straw for foreign trade manufactures. Through a research report by GMC Quality Manufacturers Alliance, among nearly 1000 surveyed companies, over 60% take product quality, research and innovation as core competencies while the traditional views of pricing accounts for only 12%.

In the future, Ningbo BEC Lighting Co., Ltd. will strike for breakthrough and keep innovating, so as to introduce more excellent and innovative Chinese products for the world and let “Made-in-China"

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